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Vacuum Products NZ Ltd
New Zealand distributor of innovative Vacuum Automation and Conveying Solutions

Vacuum Products NZ Ltd (VacPro) - a New Zealand company committed to providing excellent service – right from the initial design stages of your project to the supply of components, commissioning and ongoing back-up support.


> Working with You

Whether you are designing new machinery or upgrading existing production processes, we will work with you to find solutions - optimised automation solutions – energy-saving solutions - to give you a manufacturing edge over your competitors, increase productivity, significantly reduce your running costs and improve your profitability.


> VacPro - NZ Distributors for PIAB, JOULIN and IZMAC

We are the sole authorised distributor in NZ for the highly innovative range of PIAB Vacuum Automation and Vacuum Conveying products.

See our PIAB Certificate of Appointment.

We are also authorised NZ distributors of JOULIN vacuum handling systems and IZMAC shock absorbers.

Piab Joulin Vacuum Handling Systems VacPro - Izmac Shock Absorbers




VacPro - Vacuum Products NZ Ltd





Vacuum Products NZ Ltd

VacPro New Zealand
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