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Vacuum Conveying Products

Vacuum Products NZ Ltd
New Zealand distributor of Piab Vacuum Conveying Solutions


> Piab Conveyors - Bulk and Powder Transfer Systems

VacPro are the New Zealand authorised distributors of highly innovative Piab vacuum conveyor equipment used for bulk and powder transfer.  Piab offer food-grade, dust-free and industrial conveyor systems which are reliable and require a minimum of maintenance.


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> Powder Transfer
> Mill/Sieve/Mixer/Blender Filling
> Tablets & Capsule Transfer
> Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal
> Big Bag Unloading
> Small Products Transfer
> Explosive Atmosphere Applications
> Hygienic Conveying
> Working Environment
> Drum/Bag Filling
> Hazardous Powder Transfer
> Painting/Paint Coating
> Injection Molding/Pellet Transfer
> Diecasting

Piab Conveyor Application

 Piab Conveyor Application




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