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Vacuum Products NZ Ltd
New Zealand distributor of innovative Vacuum Automation and Conveying Solutions

  • Free technical advice for equipment selection or whole vacuum automation application design, for example, as found in the following industries:
    • automotive
    • building products
    • depalletising
    • food processing
    • graphics
    • materials handling
    • packaging
    • palletising
    • pharmaceuticals
    • pick and place
    • robotics
    • timber
    • vacuum forming etc
  • Free technical advice and system design for vacuum conveying applications such as found in the bulk transfer of, for example:
    • cereals
    • coffee beans
    • grains
    • granules
    • kitchen powders
    • laundry powders
    • milk powders etc
    • tablets etc
  • Existing vacuum automation system review to:
    • optimise performance
    • reduce maintenance, and
    • reduce energy consumption.
  • We can provide return-on-investment (ROI) calculations to support any proposals.
  • Free vacuum automation fault identification and recommended solutions.





VacPro New Zealand
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This is the Popup Module feature. Assign any module to the popup module position, and ensure that the Popup Feature is enabled in the Gantry Administrator.

You can configure its height and width from the Gantry Administrator.

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